the party was a random agenda.  elo couldn’t even remember how he had gotten there. the whole day had been a blur,first he woke up from repetitive dream. he dreamed that he and his brother fought so physically that they literally tried to kill each other. they hadn’t fought like that, since they were kids.  and he had only had brunch once with him since they last saw each other. the dream kept flipping to another chapter where he had kept popping up at this location,it was so familiar it felt like it could’ve been home. but where was home? furthermore..WHERE was it?

all day long the day seemed to be slow ,and predictable. he daydreamed at work,and ignored everyone,shoving things on the shelf while, laboring his breathing. he definitely didn’t want to have an anxiety attack but, also wanted to honor Anything that came his way that day.  The day was already uncomfortable enough.

a sister came in,elo looked up with familiarity,they both smiled. she walked around the store,her almond shaped brown eyes lit up from a song that came on the playlist blaring from the speakers. “that’s my jam!” she exclaimed.

leila by all means was absolutely beautiful, she reminded elo of someone he had met log ago. he couldn’t figure out where. but they had the most thickest of relations. born in the same location,same year,not far apart. technically ,they were part of the same tribe in the diaspora.

she didn’t say much, only came to look for some items. and had to run.

always on the go,that leila.

not long after she left,elo closed down the shop. and sat in silence for what felt like a few mins. a few mins turned into an hour. he had dozed off again for that entire duration. only to be shaken from a knock on the window. it was leila again. he shuffled to unlock the door.

“whatchu up to,yall closed already,no?”

“yea,i just wanted to meditate for a hot minute. what’s up?’

“aww,look at you meditating at work. working hard or hardly working?” she chuckled

“meh,it’s a combo” elo smirked.

“what are you doing tonight? i was thinking of possibly hitting up this little gathering,you down to come with? i’m not really drinking,so i can drive”

he thought about it,he hadn’t had the chance to actually share space and time with leila,their agenda’s weren’t too different but different enough to hardly see each other. they were connected on practically everything surrounding their own all means,they were familiar with one another.

“i’m not really a party guy.but sure,  i’ll bite. what time?”

“we can go now,if you want,it’s been going all day. it’s one of those marathon ass parties. but i always go for a hot minute and park near,just in case i need to dip”

“should we bring something? i mean, i can go get ice or a bottle of wine or whatever”

“yea,and i’ve got a bottle with me already in the trunk. we can go soon or chill for a bit. i don’t wanna take you outta your way” she said while readjusting her ponytail.

“nah,fuck it let’s go. cuz if it’s bad,i won’t park too far away,so that way. we can just dip if we want”

“you know i’ll dip if need to!” she chuckled

“aiite, i’ll lock up right now then. let’s go.” he said while putting the register under the floor panel and locked both doors,turned on the alarm. they left out the side door.

the street lights had been faint and flickered in & out. while the silohette light of the streets bounced off the reflection of the drive. it became clear they both needed to be in company and space of one another. they landed in front of an older building with big windows.

bumping into familiar faces,the atmosphere was intense and full.

leila got distracted by a group of folks she hadn’t seen in a while,immediately introducing elo,he and the group all cheered for each other.

“yooo big man! what’s going on blood!” elo exclaimed hugging one of the men

“i’m good! so good seeing you! how you been,mano?” big man smiled hard with a blunt in his mouth.

“you know,i’m alive!” he replied

“that’s real as fuck, fam. you still over at the shop?” he asked

“yea man,we bought it not too long ago. paid in full brotha” elo smiled

“mannn congrats!  i know your o.g. is mad happy,yea?” big man grinned

“man,you know it! just hired some more folx. it’s pretty big,she’s definetly happy. i ain’t even gon lie,i aint never seen my momz smile so hard. man,that makes my heart so happy!” elo said taking a hit from the blunt.

“that’s beautiful bruv! you want the rest of that? i gotta run to the back right quick,you want a drink?” big man offered

“nah i’m good,ayye leila. you want a drink?” he yelled over the music

“nah,but i left the bootle in the trunk. you want me to go get it?”

“nah ,you aint gotta go thru all,that you’re the driver.” he signaled reaching for her keys.

he ducked out the front parlor to the car and grabbed the bottle of wine from the trunk. and ran back in. he noticed the bright orbs hovering over the roof of the house. it was a warm color that looked like it had been growing,changing its shape. while he didn’t feel frightened at all,he couldn’t help but feel a slight relief .it was the most comforting feeling he had felt all day. it reminded him of the nightmare he had.

leila stood by the door with some other women who were all converating and whil he couldn’t make out what they were saying. he felt like leila had been standing the whole time. maybe her eyes were burning in his psyche.

“you were gone for a good min. thought you got lost” she chuckled.

“it’s good to get air. it’s kinda stuffy” he shrugged

“you know what,i honestly feel like we were suppose to be here. it just feels like it” she confided.

“you know,you right tho. does it feel like time stopped or slowed down?”

“yea,but it feels good. i think i really needed this. everything’s been happening so fast lately. i just need a break. this feels surreal and i feel so much better” she slowed down.

“you ok boo? “she stopped

” yea, I just.. This time.  It’s fuckin with my head a Lil ”

He sounded disoriented.  But really, he couldn’t believe they both had gone through a time portal, together.  Il he knew it hardly ever happened with other people.  Everyone else at the party was obviously caught up in the very same beautiful timelapse of the very kind they manifested.

“how high are you, did you out smoke yourself? You wanna go back out for more air?” Leila offered.

“nah. Nah, I’m good.  We can go back in.  I’m cool now. “he sounded reassuring.

They walked back through the foyer of the front parlor.  Èlò moved swift but felt like his feet were numb, and his head was swimming.  Leila glided in front of him while holding his hand.  At some point they both slipped away from each other in the crowd.  Everyone here was so beautiful.  Their growing skin tones seem to bounce off the dimly lit Sala with the music bumping through crowd.  It was hot and beautiful.

“look at how beautiful they are ” he thought he was only thinking it.  But another sister behind him with a beautiful big natural fro turned and smiled and said”i know!  Look at us!”  and a few folx a few feet away chimed in “Ayyee!”

It was the first time he recognized what home base happiness felt like.  A form of a Hireath.

Leila looked around and didn’t see elo at all in the crowd til she walked a few feet back into the Sala.  He was standing around in a daze with a smirk on his face. And whether he knew it or not.  She could see him.  She thought he had always looked so beautiful. He eventually looked up and saw her and they traded smiles and the monthly word “love you!” it was genuine and authentic love where 2 friends who understood the frequency celebrated life and live in a portal.  They knew they were part of something far more powerful than themselves.

Nonlinear time lapse has always been the main key to people of the diaspora for a moment.  The moment could be used to for anything, but they.. All of them used to it for celebration of together.